In the kitchen with Amélie Veille: For the love of coffee

In the kitchen with Am&élie Veille: For the love of coffee


Amélie Veille presented at the beginning of the summer, on June 3, her 5th album, Nospossibles, and this one is already a great success.

In the kitchen, this singer-songwriter lets herself be inspired by the experiences that present themselves to her, seeks to discover new flavors, always remains respectful of nature, which we jostle too much, she says. Above all, she has fun with local products with happiness and sweetness.

Gourmet questionnaire

In the morning, tea or coffee?  

I'm in love with my coffee machine. It's a little ritual for me to prepare it, to also do some barista gestures, there's something very pleasant about it. I feel like in a cafe…in my kitchen in the morning. 

So in the morning… Coffee. Two coffees, in fact, a double espresso. I try to make flowers on my coffee with the milk froth, like real baristas, but rather than starting with an idea, once done, I decide what it looks like (laughs ). 

I love tea too, but in the afternoon.

Croissant or oatmeal, fruit…?  

Groats. With a hint of maple syrup, cinnamon, berries and I add all kinds of seeds if possible, flax, chia, hemp… I make myself a kind of porridge in the morning. 

Sliced ​​bread or baguette?

It depends. The good fresh baguette is sublime with a meal. But I also like a sliced ​​bread that I can only find in Beauce, there are so many grains in there that I sometimes call it “my rock bread”. Finally, I like all types of bread: rustic, olive focaccia, nut bread, wholemeal bread… as long as it's artisanal. 

Your good places for bread?

In Montreal, Bemol and Levain. Their breads (and sandwiches!) are all fantastic!

In Beauce, my “rock bread” Bakery from here. 7-grain bread, green buckwheat and spelled bread, yum!

Cheese or dessert?  

Both. I love all cheeses that have character and blue cheeses. Cheeses from the Saint-Alexis-de-Portneuf cheese dairy and all the desserts. 

I think I'm a little greedy… For desserts, it's really chocolate desserts, like a fondant.

Do you have any addresses to recommend to us?

In Montérégie, the completely decadent maple syrup pie in Frelighsburg,

In Lanaudière, I always stop at the Halte Jardinière de Saint-Esprit, for the apple pie, the pecan pie and especially the homemade potato donuts! That is a REAL guilty pleasure! And they also have all kinds of excellent cheeses and local products.

Meat or fish?

Both. My favorite meats are lamb and duck. I love fish, really all of them. 

With steak, salad or fries? 

Salad. For me, a good fresh and crunchy salad is just wonderful.

Vegetable or meat?  

I eat everything and I love everything. 

Caramel or chocolate?  

Chocolate chocolate chocolate.  

Cake or cookie?

Cake! A very good Opera or Tiramisu, because of the… coffee (laughs).

Beer or wine?

Both. With moderation. I really like natural wines, which I discover with passion. I love discovering microbrewery beers (blonde, brown, red, IPA, Stout). There are such good ones everywhere in Quebec. 

Bubbles or cocktail for the aperitif?  

Bubbles! In moderation (it gives me a headache)… I'm not a cocktail person at all, strong alcohol knocks me out. 

Show me your favorite kitchen accessory and why did you choose it? 

My Breville espresso coffee maker is my favorite object in the kitchen. Otherwise, good knives. 

Do you have a little ritual when you prepare meals?

I put on music, ideally something that makes you travel. For example Cesaria Évora, Django Reinhardt, Buena Vista Social Club, etc. I like to be in a comfortable outfit, I make myself a duvet. 

Do you have a favorite recipe that you make for your guests? 

A few… Veal cannelloni with a big salad. Braised lamb with rosemary and mashed potatoes, in winter. Also, I love that I can just put a big thing in the center of the table, and everyone helps themselves. Receiving friends with a couscous, or a butter chicken, is super nice! 

Tell me about the culinary achievement you are proud of. 

What makes me proud is when I cook a meal and my boyfriend's children devour EVERYTHING without saying a word. Once, for my boyfriend's birthday, I received twenty people with a mega couscous royal, and it was so good! When I watched the guests help themselves two or three times, I felt proud. Another time I had a “Mexican Party” with friends for May 5th. Mexican food is so good too! We had spent an unforgettable evening… Except for those who had abused tequila!

Tell us that you have already served a completely failed dish… lol  

Nothing worse for me than good overcooked meat! It already happened to me. So disappointing! Or, several years ago, I had wanted to have a Christmas dinner at my house, I had invited my family, that of my ex, friends.  

Very shortly before serving the meal, I remembered that the pâtés (which I had lovingly made myself) were still in the freezer, and the potatoes had not yet been peeled or cooked! I was so focused on the turkey, appetizers, drinks, conversation, etc., that I completely lost my sense of timing. Fortunately, my mother was there! We did a sprint… and we had dinner pretty late! We're still talking about it.

Best dining experience in a restaurant?

The tasting menu at Toqué. I will never forget this amazing experience! 

Also, while traveling, I had wonderful experiences in restaurants. A small Japanese restaurant in Montmartre with author Boris Bergman. No sushi, just Japanese delicacies. The place didn't look like much. The conversation and the flavors: extraordinary! 

What did your kitchen smell like when you were little?  

Coffee in the morning. Often tomato sauce, with roasted garlic… There were Italians in my family by marriage. My godfather Giovanni had brought culinary habits into the family that he happily passed on to us. A good homemade tomato sauce… There is nothing more comforting! (except maybe the smell of coffee)

Favorite cheese?

Difficult to answer. I love firm goat and sheep cheeses, blue ones too. I like all cheeses. Even more when they have strong character.

Address book

Your favorite restaurants?

Restaurants that I really like: 

  • In Little Italy, to eat with friends, the Pizzeria Napoletana, bring your own wine, it's super friendly, delicious pizzas, and you don't break the bank!
  • Luncher on Saint-Laurent: I'm a big fan of Omnivore, the best wraps in the world! It's so good !
  • Lunch on rue Bernard: the famous grilled cheeses at Dépanneur Café, they are delicious! I like the one with Gruyère on pumpernickel bread. And then, sometimes there are live musiciansat lunchtime, it's so nice. 
  • On the South Shore: at Bidon Taverne Culinaire, in Saint-Lambert. For a professional lunch, it's perfect!
  • L'Express is an institution. I love octopus with lentils. 

Favorite restaurants outside Montreal? 

  • In Saint-Georges de Beauce, there is the table of Nature Fathers which is great. Les Pères Nature is a delicatessen, a cafeteria-style restaurant and a good French table-style restaurant. I love this company, which has made a lot of progress in my native region in terms of food. 
  • In Quebec, I love Chez Boulay, the passion of the waiters and sommeliers delights me every time I go.

Favorite culinary products?
Maple syrup! You can't do without it, especially for a Beauceronne. Garlic! Dijon mustard. Olive oil.

Favorite dish at the restaurant?
I love grilled fish. Also, I love the boards to share, covered with lots of good things to discover. 

What can't you do without in the kitchen?
Garlic! Olive oil. And onions too. 

A culinary favourite?
I discovered Palette de Bine's chocolate, I was overwhelmed!

Your favorite cooking style?
Mediterranean. Fish and grilled meats. Lots of vegetables, fresh, grilled, crunchy. Olive oil. Fresh fruits. Natural yogurt. Yum yum.