In the kitchen with Mario Pelchat : the love of the products here

Dans la cuisine avec Mario Pelchat : l’amour des produits d’ici

Mario Pelchat, as in the song of Josephine Baker, has two loves : the song and the wine of his own vineyard in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac. The happiness he shared with his fans for over four decades cannot be denied. Passionate man, singer, producer, artist, winemaker, lover of life, he has found the period COVID-19 difficult, but is pleased, however, to have been in a favorable environment for the confinement ; the nature helped him get through it more easily than if he had lived in an apartment in the city. Mario confides on its pleasures lovers and does not hide her enjoyment of good food.

Life has to go on Mario, then in the morning, to start the day, tea or coffee ?

Coffee ! I love the coffee.

Do you make pancakes, eggs, smoothies… ?

Nothing of it. I was on the diet for the tour Pelchat Aznavour who had just started. But hey, this is no longer the time… So, toast and creton for breakfast.

Have you found the pleasure to eat in recent times ?

Oh yeah ! I saw her again ! I made a beef burgundy to dark chocolate. DELICIOUS. And a good mac & cheese with fresh tomatoes. Listen, I try lots of things ! A shop suey, I love asian cuisine. And I miss it.

The thing that would be the most difficult for you not to have in your fridge or your pantry ?

Once you have the pasta, you’re safe and sound, I think. You are never wrong. To accompany, vegetables and sauces can be variables, or just the same with the olive oil. Otherwise, I would say the meat. I bought myself two essential : a big freezer and a machine vacuum. Let’s say that the timing is perfect.

Otherwise, to answer your question, I would say the flour, and tomatoes. Flour, as to the thoroughness, I can make my pasta myself. I’ve done the last week, by the way.

Sliced bread, baguette from a bakery or homemade bread ?

For its breads and pastries, Mario Pelchat highly recommend The bread basket of Alexia, in Oka.

The three (Laugh) ! I have my favorite, the Bread of the country, for the sliced bread. I love all kinds : multi-grain, oats & quinoa, etc For the sticks, to the baker, I’m going to The bread basket Alexia, near me, in Oka. This is the place to know and where to go, all the more considered the pastries. On the other hand, I made myself a bread oven here, for me, not for anything. I also have a pizza oven outside. I try different kinds of flour : spelt, grain, natural, etc

Cheese or dessert ?

Cheese before dessert, that’s for sure ! This is not my weakness, desserts, by chance.

Meat or fish ?

The two ! Alternately.

Caramel or chocolate ?

Chocolate. Not very caramel…

Cake, cookie or cheese ?

Biscuit… But it would be cheese before biscuit.

Beer or wine, I can imagine that it is wine ?

Ben there, yes ! Wine, says winemaker !

White or red ?

My taste has changed in the last few years. I’m more white now.

I still do love the red but the white is more fresh and light.

Present me your kitchen accessory fetish, and why the have chosen.

A paddle with a pole. I use it literally all the time. I always try to eat with it. I love it. It is ultra-convenient, I wash and start again.

Do you have a recipe pampers ?

An easy recipe to make that I do all the time, it’s pasta with meat sausage. This is what I did this week with my home-made pasta. I set back the onion, I take out the sausages from their guts, we brown the meat with a little oil, a little butter. Of the chicken broth. Cook the pasta. And when the pasta is cooked in this water, I put a large package of baby spinach.

Then, I decorate the plate of parmesan cheese ! Quickly made and delicious.

Tell me about the achievement culinary which are you the most proud of.

It’s been a long time. I had made a meal of six services at my home at Lac-Saint-Jean. One of the first Christmases where I received at home, in the lake. I saw the film just before The feast of Babette, extraordinary film. I was just inspired. I had taken the recipes of a cookbook of the Saguenay (Diane Tremblay, I believe). I met her at RDI, where we were invited every two. Pear roasted with port wine and duck foie gras… I had made my own trou normand with Calvados that my French friends had offered me. The entire meal was made by me, to dessert.

Tell us that you miss things on occasion and he is already arrived to serve a dish completely missed…

Unfortunately, yes. I’m still on the heart. I made a meat pie last year when my mother came home, two years ago… I also received my uncle and his wife, my cousins. It was during the grape harvest, and we ate under a tent outside. A beautiful fall day. I had used new potatoes (sweet potatoes, just-picked) that have a thick crust. It is important to know that a potato new is a long time to cook. While a meat pie, cooked it for 12 hours. The potatoes were NEVER cooked. We visited at dinner, everyone is waiting for me. We ate the soup. We ate all kinds of things… except my pie. I want so much still. I was sad. It is already complicated to succeed in having all the world. Therefore, council : NO new potatoes.

What is it that you miss most, you who love to go to a restaurant, talking with the chefs, watch them work, enjoy their creations… ?

Definitely the simple fact to go to
at the restaurant !

Your best culinary experience ?

There are several of them. I’ve had the chance to travel a lot. But soon, like that, I think of an Italian restaurant in Florida, in Fort Lauderdale. A true Italian trattoria. And recently in Paris, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, another Italian great Marcello.

It smelled like what, at home, in the kitchen, when you were little ?

It smelled the sky. I’m going to cry. My mom died in 2019. My mother was a good cook and gourmet. In this time, you was cooking with a good appetite. I would say, to choose : his chicken pot pie. I arrived from school and I felt the corner of the street.

Take advantage of you, during this period of confinement, to remake the recipes that you ate, child ?

Yes. Also, can you give me the taste to the chicken pot pie of my mother, and even her sugar pie. And this period of confinement : I like to cook a lot. There’s that positive.

The darlings

Culinary darlings ?

Dijon mustard.

Recipe fetish ?

Pasta with meat sausage.

What can you not live without in the kitchen ?

Olive oil.

A stroke of culinary heart ?

The homemade bread with my bread oven.

Gluttony guilty ?

The sugar in the cream of my mother.

Your favorite kitchen style ?

Italian and quebec.

Do you have a suggestion to help the trades industry mouth Quebec ?

Trying the most possible to buy quebec products… We have some great companies and original. For local products, jams, cheeses, meats, bakery, wines, ciders, etc, there has been a choice ! I am also in this sector of the agro-tourism, I see that more and more people have taken up this habit the last few years. But with this sad period, I think it is time more than ever to be supportive and have fun learning about new products here, too !

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