In the kitchen with Vincent Graton: the love of the products of the Quebec

Dans la cuisine avec Vincent Graton: l’amour des produits du Québec

Vincent Graton is a man of heart, a man of action, a man who goes into battle, an activist who has not given up anything, who cares about his neighbor. Actor, host, columnist, partageur of happiness. Whether at the theatre, on tv, on the radio, Rythme 105.7, where he regularly collaborates, but also on social media where he is very active, Vincent was enthusiasm for the truth and railed against the lies and injustices. A real one. It is also, and we have seen several times in different shows such as Des Kiwis et Des hommes , or My caravan in Canada, a man who loves the chefs, artisans, small producers of Quebec and loves to cook.

Questionnaire gourmand

Life must continue, then in the morning, to start the day, tea or coffee ?

Coffee in the morning… it is a small ritual. Reading of newspapers, it is part of my ritual in the morning with a good cup of coffee ! Tea in the afternoon and in the evening, on learning of my texts.

Do you make pancakes, eggs, smoothies… ?

My children make pancakes now. At times, I get up, it smells like the muffins… My 13 years in fact. I have lunch soon… I am coco to the hull.

Have you rediscovered the pleasure of cooking during confinement ?

Yes ! It brings together the family and the smells are of sweet in the house.

What is it that is indispensable in your fridge or your pantry ?

Parmesan cheese, olives, tomatoes, pasta and vino

Sliced bread, baguette from a bakery or homemade bread ?

Hmmm… a good loaf hot ! The idea of learning to make my bread in this time period is there.

Cheese or dessert ?

Cheese. I’m not a sweet tooth. Except for the dark chocolate.

Meat or fish ?

The fish. When I’m in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, I’m happy !

Caramel or chocolate ?

Dark chocolate, extra dark, 70 % and more.

Cake, cookie or cheese ?

Cheese, especially the cheese Station in Compton. I love this family in that I’m already gone turn. For the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, I recommend the fromagerie Pied-de-vent and the Isle aux grues, the Tomme de Grosse-Île. Buy Quebec !

Beer or wine ?

More wine and gin… in Quebec !

White or red ?

I was red, went more white.

Present me your kitchen accessory fetish, and why the have chosen.

A good knife, I also have a good stove that has lived…

Do you have a recipe pampers ?

The art of the ham, a recipe passed down from mother to son.

The one that everyone asks me… my ham ! This is the recipe of my mother. The art of the ham.

Tell me about the achievement culinary which are you the most proud of.

I often get large gangs. Our December 31, is a tradition. I remember a buffet for 85 people. It was good !

Tell us that you miss things on occasion and he is already arrived to serve a dish completely missed…

I hated to miss a dish. I admit that the white fish is a riddle to me. To the Portuguese, it will… but otherwise the white fish gives me trouble (laughing) !

What is it that you miss most, you who love to go to a restaurant, talking with the chefs, watch them work, enjoy their culinary creations ?

The restaurants of the neighborhood where there are neighbors. These places humans that bring us together, where we take the time to know the other and clink glasses. I love the little cafes of the neighborhood where one simply takes the time to talk. I miss it. I love the chiefs, who welcome the customers, as if they were friends.

Your best dining experience to life ?

Vincent Graton has had a blow of heart for the cuisine of Jerusalem.

Oh, there are a lot of them ! My mother is the greatest cook I know. My father was also top ! I confess that I keep a memorable souvenir of a journey to Jerusalem. Everything that I ate there I was a beacon.

It smelled like what, at home, in the kitchen, when you were little ?

Small, it smelled the banana bread in the kitchen.

Small… it still smelled good… biscuits up to the spaghetti sauce… I have a weakness for the smell of roast chicken or banana bread.

Have you used, during this period of confinement, to redo the recipes you ate as a child ?

I want to make a recipe book with the children during this period. A book of family just for the family. A memory. There will be recipes of my childhood.

Address books

Culinary darlings ?

In the olive oil.

Recipe fetish ?

Couscous. Been a long time since I’ve done it. Here, I will have the time.

What can you not live without in the kitchen ?

I can’t live without onion. I love the onion.

A stroke of culinary heart ?

The actor has a soft spot for lobster in Quebec.

The fish and lobster caught by my friend Norman Déraspe in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine. The sea between by me.

Gluttony guilty ?

I’m not sweet, but the pudding chômeur with vanilla ice cream. Ayoye !

Your favorite kitchen style ?

I have a weakness for lebanese cuisine, or Middle Eastern.

Do you have a suggestion to help the trades industry mouth in Québec, how can we help ?


It is necessary that we are in solidarity with the producers here. A grocery basket the more quebecois possible ! Side restaurant… If one is accustomed to go to the restaurant once a week, encourage restaurateurs that make meals once per week.

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