In the lens of the photographer of the prime minister François Legault

Dans l’objectif de la photographe du premier ministre François Legault

Follow the facts and gestures of the crisis unit of the government, capture all of the press conferences, enter daily the images that will mark the history of Quebec: to be official photographer of the prime minister François Legault in a time of crisis is a function in the shadows that will forever be the career of Emilie Nadeau.

How was held the first press conference related to the COVID-19?

“It was the first time I entered the room from the point of release.

I remember that the room was packed. Without saying that there has been the pushing and shoving, there was certainly some trepidation since all the photographers and videographers wanted to have the best image. Now, I can say that I have exploited all the possible angles.”

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On 12 may, Mr. Legault, the minister of Health, Danielle McCann, and the director of public Health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, have chosen to wear a mask during the press briefing for the first time. Why this day was special for you?

“They decided that morning to wear a mask, so we knew not so far ahead. Before the conference, I was waiting for the prime minister at the exit of his office to have a good image. And it is particular when the same since it was I who gave the mask to M. Legault. One of my friends wrote it for him. It manufactures on a voluntary basis, of the masks which she gives to agencies.”

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How has been your day the more striking since the beginning of the crisis?

“One day, Mr. Legault has spoken of a possible reopening of schools. I think it has a little insecure population. The next day, he went back on his words very humbly to say to the people that he was going to be listening to public health. It was a day so emotional that some of my colleagues shed tears during the press conference.”

What is the atmosphere in five minutes before a press conference?

“A few minutes before the point of release, people are already in the common area behind the gateway that we see on the tv. This is the opportunity for press officers to make a summary of the information. There are days where I have felt more stress, but normally, everyone is smiling. We took the opportunity to discuss simple things.”

What does your workload in a time of crisis?

“People get a little bit worried to see me work each day, but at the same time, I am used to having to move constantly. Before the pandemic, my agenda was very complex. But since the beginning of the crisis, I am every day at the same place. There is less travel. So, for me, surprisingly, it became less stressful professionally.”


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