In the Marvel universe, will appear as the first character is transgender: what is known about him

Во вселенной Marvel появится первый герой-трансгендер: что о нем известно


today, 09:28

In closest Marvel superhero will appear is transgender and other LGBT community. About this informed the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige during the event, which was held at the new York film Academy, informs BBC.

According to Feige, this will happen in the next movie Studio. “Superhero-transgender’t will appear very soon. In one of the films that we’re making,” said Feige. Thus, Feige confirmed the information reported by the media last year about what a superhero is transgender will appear in the films after “the Avengers: infinity War”.

Во вселенной Marvel появится первый герой-трансгендер: что о нем известно

Captain America

Also in November 2020 will be released film “the Eternal”, which for the first time in the history of the Marvel the main character will be gay.

We remind that recently it was reported that Warner Brothеrs is planning a film about the son of Harry Potter, which will launch a new movie series in the universe of Rowling.

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