In the meantime… the comedy festivals

En attendant... les festivals d’humour

Comedian Jeremiah Larouche has never been so busy professionally that currently. We discussed with him the impact of the pandemic on its professional commitments.

With the pandemic that plays a little in our lives, how are you?

It’s going to. It is different, let’s say. I’m lucky, I’m one of the artists who worked during the pandemic. In fact, I’ve never had as much job! I did the series Cultivates your comic , and through that, I was writing the third season of Not more stupid than us. Just for laughs I was asked to film my show, the saga of The star to present him to the FSTVL HAHAHA. Just for laughs I had also ordered some videos with my girls, as they had already done on YouTube, to be able to put it on their social networks, because their audience has exploded during the confinement. In short, I have not stopped!

It was how to do it all at home?

I realized that I had not so bad a way of life confined. I have my office at home and I work from home, so outside of going to shows or go to a meeting or a shoot, I am always at home. Also, more never you’re gonna make me move to a meeting an hour! Now that Zoom has shown us that you could do from home, it is finished, for me, down in the Mile-End and look for parking to chat for half an hour an idea! More seriously, the adaptation, for me, it has been to have my family in my work environment. It fits! I found it really cool to see how the artists have changed their job to continue to work in spite of the new constraints: either Martin Vachon who plays games live or even Arnaud Soly and Mathieu Dufour. Even my friends drag queen make lives! I found that it is really inspiring to see it go. It’s a bit like when Nicéphore Niépce invented the camera, all the artists have said: “Fuck! We can able to do the portrait!”. Then they set out to do from impressionism, abstract, etc To me, it is just something else now and I did not want to go back to before. “It was better before”, it is a little Donald Trump as a phrase, so I try not to see things that way (laughs).

How have you found the experience of participating in a festival of humor in line with the FSTVL HAHAHA?

The advantage of my show is that it is a puppet show really stupid where I sum up Star Wars, so technically, this is not like stand-up where you make a joke and you wait for the laugh to go on with the next joke. The other hand, it took me almost four hours to do it. It’s difficult to be in when you don’t have the feedback of an audience. So it has still been difficult to do alone. I don’t imagine those who are doing stand-up in front of their Zoom!

You are currently shooting for the show No more stupid that we at TV5. How is it going?

We all have masks and goggles. We keep all at a distance and we try to be the least of people as possible in the studio. It works a little more slowly, but we advance when the same property. We’re glad that this new way of working happens to be the third year of the show, and while it is already established.

You anime, the new series Cultivates your comic , which is output on HERE TOU.TV on the 17th of June. Can you talk about that a little?

It is said that during the confinement, the teen would need to do something. Just for laughs, the national School of humour and TOU.TV wanted to submit something. It was formerly the contest Young people to laugh, then they have risen it a bit. They said: “We are going to provide distance education to young people and we will ask them to send us a funny video”. Outside the competition, Cultivates your comic, it’s 11 episodes that will explain how to write a number of humor, from the beginning to the end. In my opinion, it applies really to the whole world, in the sense that you don’t need to be a wannabe stand-up comedian, you may just want to make your PowerPoint presentations more funny at school or at the job.

I understand that this is a series that has been designed in containment?

Yes. We shot it with a green screen in my basement. It is Pierre-Luc Gosselin, who has made the realization… at a distance, of course! It was quite funny! My cell phone was on Video Messenger so that he may see the monitor of the camera and me, I had to install everything: green screen, lighting, cameras, etc .. One has been able to license it, at a distance, for it to work.

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