In the middle of a town in France found an ancient tomb

Посреди города во Франции нашли древнее захоронение

The sarcophagus was buried at a small depth.

For Parking in the square of Notre-Dame in the city of Cherbourg was discovered a grave with a well preserved skeleton, which dates back to the XI century, according to the with reference for a New Time.

The burials were found a few tens of centimeters below the surface.

“This is a wonderful burial. It’s probably the only one of this type that we know … at least in the Northern part of the Peninsula Cotentin,” said Laurent Paez-Resende, researcher at the National Institute of archaeological research

First, archaeologists found a tombstone with a height of 1.20 m at 30 cm.

“Initially, he reminded us of the Merovingian sarcophagus. On one side of the stone was a block, and on the other Stela, descended to a depth of 80 cm,” explains Laurent Paez-Resende. The headstone is carved with a Latin epitaph. Already this means. that grave has the sole character for archaeologists.

However, when this “luxury tomb” appeared from under the ground, under it, nothing was found. Archaeologists had to dig another 20 cm under the stele to “in the end to reveal the skull and then well-preserved skeleton,” says anthropologist Raphael Lefevre.

“This is probably the grave of an important person. This tomb seems to have been drowned in the earlier tombs of the cemetery. She probably dates to the 10th or 11th century. This is just before the cemetery ceased to be used,” says Laurent Paez-RES-Resende.

According to the researchers, the remains could belong to woman. The exact answer will be known after laboratory studies and transcripts of epitaphs. While it is assumed that these were the only people in the cemetery who was awarded the stone sarcophagus.


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