In the milky Way found an alien from another galaxy: video

A detailed study revealed that the stars J1124+4535 extremely low metal content

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В Млечном Пути нашли пришельца с другой галактики: видео

To the galaxy flew to the star-wanderer

Scientists from Japan have shared the result of their research about the strange star in the asterism of the Big dipper. According to the researchers, the star J1124+4535 could be an alien from a completely different galaxy, which delayed the attraction of the milky Way, reports LiveScience.

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The unusual star was opened in 2015, a Large multipurpose spectroscope for observation of large areas of the sky (LAMOST) in China. The star attracted the attention of an unusually low content of magnesium and some other elements, it is unlikely that other stars in the milky Way. Later, in 2017, the Japanese Subaru telescope took photos of the star in a higher resolution.

В Млечном Пути нашли пришельца с другой галактики: видео

Computer simulation of formation of spiral galaxies, the halo of which is partly formed from the accumulation of many small galaxies, as well as “foreign” stars in them

A detailed study revealed that in addition to the low content of the above metals, it was recorded an unusually high concentration of europium is unique for the stars in our galaxy. The composition of stars reflects the composition of dust clouds from which they were formed, and usually adjacent stars have similar composition: the difference J1124+4535 from other stars has allowed scientists to assume that it was formed elsewhere, it is likely that not even from our galaxy.

Previous studies revealed that in the past the milky Way had collided with smaller galaxies and devoured them. Stars with low metal content, as J1124+4535 are common in dwarf galaxies, like the Magellanic clouds orbiting our Galaxy. The researchers suggested that J1124+4535 was born in one of these dwarf galaxies have collided with the Milky Way in the distant past.

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We will remind that earlier scientists had weighed the whole galaxy. Also, scientists have found a potential killer of the Earth in the milky Way galaxy.

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