In the milky Way galaxy has recorded giant blast: what was it

Supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy caused the explosion neveroyatnogo scale

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If we could somehow go back in time 3.5 million years and look at our galaxy from another place in the Universe, we would see a giant flash in the center of the milky Way, which escaped into the environment. According to a new study by the University of Sydney, in the past of the supermassive black hole Sagittarius a* at the center of our galaxy there has been a huge surge of gamma radiation.

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Flash, formally known as “flash Seifert,” was so powerful that its impact was felt at a distance of about 200 thousand light years, when she crashed into the Magellanic stream, leaving a long trail of gas that rotates around the milky way. Experts believe that the mysterious bubbles Fermi large structures which are located above and below the center of the galaxy – and there are traces of this ancient blast.

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According to experts, the explosion was too strong to provoke anything, except nuclear activities associated with a black hole in the center of the milky Way. Recall that the mass of Sagittarius A* at 4.2 million times the mass of the Sun. The insights obtained also thanks to data obtained by the Hubble space telescope.

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So look mysterious Fermi bubbles created by the explosion in the center of the galaxy

A powerful explosion of energy and radiation came directly from the center of the galaxy into the surrounding space. This proves once again that the center of the milky way — much more dynamic than scientists previously believed. Moreover, by galactic standards, the explosion happened quite “recently”. And really — 3.5 million years ago, our planet ancient bipedal human ancestors vengeance travelled around Africa.

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The results, according to experts changing our view of the milky Way. In the past, astronomers thought our galaxy is inactive with not a very bright center. Now, the results opened up the possibility of rethinking its evolution and nature. To read in detail about the study at the University of Sydney.

We will remind that earlier astronomers detect the collision of black holes. At the same time in the Universe discovered a mysterious disturbances in the space-time.

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