In the Netherlands killed 20 000 sea birds

                                В Нидерландах погибло 20 000 морских птиц

The last time such a mass death of sea birds was also observed 20-30 years ago.

For several weeks in the waters of the Netherlands in the North sea there is a mass death of birds, according to National Geographic. Find them daily on the coast from the Frisian Islands to the province of Zeeland.

Some individuals are still alive, but severely weakened – they are now looked after by the specialists of environmental centers across the country. They are fed fish and vitamins (some able to eat only through a straw), but despite this, they still weigh no more than 600 g at the rate of 900 G.

The number of saved individuals tens, while on the shore, according to conservative estimates, was 10 thousand dead animals, and the same amount remained in the water.

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Netherlands (Kingdom of the Netherlands) is a state consisting of the West European part and the Islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba in the Caribbean.

                                В Нидерландах погибло 20 000 морских птиц


                                В Нидерландах погибло 20 000 морских птиц

Coat of arms

                                В Нидерландах погибло 20 000 морских птиц

Capital – Amsterdam

Largest cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Hague

Form of government – Constitutional monarchy

Area – 41 526 km2 (132nd in the world)

The population of 16.9 million people (65th in world)

Official language – Dutch

Religion – Roman Catholicism (28%), Protestant (19%)

The HDI – of 0.922 (5-I)

GDP – $879,3 billion (17th in the world)

Currency – Euro

Bordered by: Germany, Belgium

Scientists have conducted tests, but the exact cause of death of birds could not be found. It was found that all the birds are exhausted, the litter present in their blood that can be caused by as poisoning and long-term fasting.

According to one version, the record cold and storms left the birds without food. Another suggestion is that birds have swallowed some poisonous articles or substances: recently in the North sea, the ship lost more than 270 containers (the contents are still washed onto beaches) with plastics. Also on the coast sometimes washes away the weight of the wax (where it enters the sea, it is precisely not known), which can also be the cause of the ill health of the birds.

It still doesn’t explain why in neighboring countries, for example, in Belgium, on the coast of the birds can not find. Experts continue to collect data and conduct analyses.

Recently, “Around the world. Ukraine” wrote about the fact that in New Zealand 140 dolphins became stranded.

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