In the network appeared the impressive trailer of the Ukrainian film “Ilovaysk”

The film is based on real events

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В сети появился впечатляющий трейлер украинского фильма "Иловайск"

A scene from the movie “Ilovaysk”

In the Internet appeared the official trailer of the Ukrainian military Thriller”Ilovaysk“. In the Director’s chair – Ivan Timchenko. The video appeared on YouTube channel B&H Film Distribution Company. The film is based on real events.

Find out how the war dramatically changed the lives of millions of Ukrainians:

In 2014, the commander of the assault group of the battalion “Donbass” of Besut, who was wounded in the battle for Ilovaisk, miraculously still alive in the occupied city. He is wanted by appointed commandant of Ilovaysk the Russian officer Runkov, for whom this war turned into a personal tragedy, and he wants not justice, but revenge.

The film will play Taras Kostaschuk, Anastasia Renard, Ruslan Falconer, Sergey Zelik, Oleg Drach, Alexander Mauric and Eugene Lam.

In theaters the film “Ilovaysk” will appear on 29 August 2019.

We will remind, earlier it was reported about, who was the screenwriter of the film about Ilovaysk.

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