In the network appeared the last post of Julia Nachalova

Before his death, Yulia Nachalova has given instructions to his PR Director

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В сети появилось последнее сообщение Юлии Началовой

Julia Nachalova

Famous Russian singer Julia Nachalova who died March 16, 2019, shortly before his death, worried about what the media will tell the public about her illness. In the network appeared the last post of Julia Nachalova addressed to the PR-Director Anna Isaeva, aired show, “Hello, Andrew” on the channel “Russia-1”.

So, the day before Julia had to enter in an artificial coma, she sent Isayeva message with some instructions. “Anya. I need to write that rubbed the leg of the heels. Do not mention joints. The joint was not swollen. Just rubbed leg. I had it treated professionally. And fix bugs there, ‘” said the celebrity.

Nachalova also asked to focus on the fact that she was all right. “Tell me, this time of year. Beriberi. Tell me that they did not lie, nonsense,” added the singer.

Add that to the PR Manager artist first reported the death star. In her Instagram she posted a publication with the words “an Hour ago, stopped beating heart of our Julia.”

Yulia Nachalova died in one of clinics of Moscow after a strong abscess. It was reported that her heart can’t handle the load caused by the inflammatory process. Nachalova was buried at the troyekurovskoye cemetery on March 21.

Later, the network has stirred up the video from the last concert of Julia Nachalova.

We also wrote that the father of Julia Nachalova openly talked about her daughter’s death.

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