In the Network appeared the trailer for “toy Story 4”. Video

В Сети появился трейлер "Истории игрушек 4". Видео

Animated film got a new Director.

In the new part of the cartoon there is a new character – spoon-fork by the name of Forks that girl Bonnie made herself. It becomes the most important toy for Bonnie, so everyone wants to make sure ppl were nothing will happen, reports the with reference to Multikino.

But the Spork starts existential problems – and she doesn’t want to be a toy, because it created another (salad, soup, and then trash).

Due to problems with the identity of the ppl were escapes, and woody tries to get her back and convince that Bonnie needs it. So begin their adventures that have characters in the amusement Park.

The Director of the sequel – Josh Cooley.

Premiere of “toy Story – 4” is scheduled for June 21, 2019.


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