In the Network appeared the trailer of the naughty Comedy “Good boys”. Video

В Сети появился трейлер отвязной комедии "Хорошие мальчики". Видео

The film tells about the adventures of twelve year old boys.

Presents the first trailer for the Comedy “Good boys” directed by Gina Stupnicki. Video posted on YouTube channel B&H Film Distribution Company, reports the with reference on the Letters.

In the center of the plot will be four 12-year-old boys who decide to skip school a whole day to enjoy fun adventures.

Starring Jacob Tremblay, Lil Rel, Haveri, Molly Gordon, will Forte and others.

In the story, teenagers arrange their first “adult” party for kissing with girls.

Cooking is an epic event, they roam the streets, looking for adventure on the fifth point and get into trouble. The guys have quite a bit of time to clean up the mess, which brewed until I found out the parents.


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