In the Network shown, what is iPhone

В Сети показали, из чего состоит iPhone

iPhone turned into dust in the name of science Scientists at the University of Plymouth posted a video that demonstrates the process of turning the iPhone in the dust, writes the with reference to

Unlike other similar videos on YouTube, in this video the destruction of the smartphone is made in the name of science. The researchers decided to consider in detail the what chemical elements are the phones that we carry in our pockets.

The video shows in detail what chemicals and in what quantities are the smartphones. If we calculate of the 1.4 billion phones produced in a year, the results are impressive: 52 tons of gold, 131 tons of silver and 10.2 kilotons of chrome. And all of this is to ensure the production of some smartphones.

While the supply of elements such as tungsten and cobalt, are often complicated military conflicts in the area of their production. And although Apple is trying to reduce their number, or to change the provider in the search for resources for production in the new iPhone, they still occur.


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