In the new season “From Tomboy to lady” participants will be tested cemetery and not only

В новом сезоне "От пацанки до панянки" участницы пройдут испытания кладбищем и не только

the participant of the show “From Tomboy to lady”, photo : New channel

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Aggressive, provocative and immoral, those girls even without words, only her eyes can put anyone off. Because they are “brats”. On the look of a defiant, but inside wounded. They lost in this ershikom the world. Under this hashtag – #lost – will be the fourth season of reality show “From Tomboy to lady”.

When sick wounded soul, when there is no support of loved ones when no one ever loved, it is very easy to slip and start to drown your sorrows with alcohol, “quenching” it with drugs and fights and to look for affection in casual sexual relations. This way once chose a “Tomboy”.

“In fact, in life I have not many choices: prison, death, rehab. And nowhere I don’t want to go,” – cried contestant of reality Vika Koshuta.

She, like others, wants to change your life, Alain knows how.

“Every person can get lost in the world, but our participants are special. This season we will be aiming to address the problem of loss of orientation in life. We will help girls find themselves, their way from the point where they were now. Believe me, it’s not the most pleasant place – near the bottom,” says project leader Dmitry Babenko.

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In the fourth season, the project team decided to focus on psychology. The girls came up with lessons and challenges from which the goose bumps. Had to use shock therapy. For example, one of the classes took place at Baikove cemetery in the Hall of farewell. Another time the girls were forced to carry heavy suitcases with stones, as a symbol of the problems of past life.

During the execution of the tasks of tears could not hold back not only the participants but also the teachers and the project team.

В новом сезоне "От пацанки до панянки" участницы пройдут испытания кладбищем и не только

“In the trials we put participants in tough conditions. So, being outside of the project, they were able to withstand the challenges of real life. Easy to be good here, with us, but outside the School lady will not be such support, says its Director Tatiana Mokridi. – Complex testing, we will try to show participants a very different way in which they can go in life. And girls have the opportunity to open their new sides. If participants find their way to themselves, you will be able to very much to achieve, and their life will change dramatically.”

will it have pazenok to find myself and my purpose in life? Will they be able to change the hashtag #lost #resurrected? About this fans of the project “From Tomboy to lady” will be able to find out since the 17th of February.

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