In the ocean caught sharks used to be considered as dead. Video ” the Chronicle of world events

В океане засняли акул, ранее считающихся мертвыми. Видео » Хроника мировых событий

Giant Megalodon managed to capture on video.

In the Internet appeared the video, indicating that the giant species of shark that was thought to be extinct 2.8 million years ago, is alive to this day, the Chronicle with reference to the news of Yu.

So, scientists have spotted a predator, who led an active life in the oceans millions of years ago, writing Accents.

Experts say that the Megalodon died out long ago, but the hour appear Amateur video, which depicted a giant sea monster. It looks like a giant shark of prehistoric times.

Most witnesses see a sea monster in the waters of the sea of Japan.

For example, in 2013, received information about a strange creature with a length of over 15 meters. Even sharks are afraid of such a huge monster. After some time he went deep.

Also, experts believe that it’s possible that Megalodon is alive and still, even though it’s not very likely. But since the predator had no enemies, then we should not exclude this fact.


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