In the Palace “Ukraine” sharply spoke about the concert of Taisia Povaliy

The singer has announced a solo concert on December 10

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Во Дворце "Украина" резко высказались о концерте Таисии Повалий

Taisiya Povaliy

Scandalous Ukrainian singer Taisiya Povaliy has recently announced its concert in Kiev, to be held December 10. In turn, the Director of the Palace “Ukraine” the novel Nedzelsky has called the performance of the singer as a provocation and has not confirmed information about the upcoming concert.

Laima Vaikule told about his first concert in Odessa. All the details in the video:

According to “UKRINFORM”, between the singer Taisiya Povaliy and the Directorate of the Palace “Ukraine” there are no agreements, despite the fact that the actress has already announced the concert on his page in Instagram.

“Visual advertising and ticket sales at the ticket online is a pre-planned provocation against the Palace “Ukraine”, whose purpose – to discredit and being drawn into a situation that harms the image of the NDI “Ukraine” and his team. This is is counterfeit. With the same success you can see is Madonna or Lady Gaga. Management Taisia Povaliy, before you claim the concert is to give the public response to the issues that angered the citizens,” Nedzelsky said sharply.

But in spite of such statements to the Director, the Internet has already started selling tickets to the concert of Taisia Povaliy. Price ranges from 390 to 2990 UAH.

Earlier we wrote that Povaliy received a star on the Square winners in Vitebsk.

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