In the Play Store found app to spy on women

В Play Store обнаружили приложение для слежки за женщинами

The application is placed in the two services.

In the app stores of Apple and Google have found a application from the government of Saudi Arabia that allows men to track women and limit their travel.

App Absher, developed by the Ministry of internal Affairs of Saudi Arabia, is used for various electronic services, including a very unexpected, writes the online edition of the with reference to

The application offers such functions as request a passport, birth certificate, vehicle registration or other documentation. But it also allows men from Saudi Arabia “to determine when and how women can cross the borders of Saudi Arabia”. Absher can be used to limit which countries and cities can travel a resident of Saudi Arabia, and did not allow them to travel outside the country.

In addition, an integrated system of SMS-notification is used to alert the men when women try to leave on their own.

It’s a pretty big problem, given that women in Saudi Arabia live under a Patriarchal system of “guardianship”, which requires that they were legally dependent on men and received permission from men to attend school, to manage their work and finances, marriage and travel. Women can also be arrested for “disobedience”.

App Absher seem automatiseret elements of the system, and Saudi officials claim that the application are used by 11 million people.

Experts came to the conclusion that the application violates the policy both online stores and representatives of human rights organization Amnesty International said that the service violates the rights of women.

“We urge Apple and Google to assess the risk of violations of the rights of women, which contributes to the application. The use of Absher to limit the freedom of movement of women underscores the danger of the system of discrimination and the need for genuine reforms in the field of human rights in the country,” the organization said.

Democratic Senator Ron Weiden also lashed out at Google and Apple because of the location in the app, saying that it was “unfair” and allows for “offensive actions against women in Saudi Arabia”.

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