In the restaurant “flaunts” the monument with the graves Friske, customers do not hold back emotions, “Fine”

В ресторане "красуется" памятник с могилы Фриске, клиенты не сдерживают эмоций: "Прекрасно"

today, 20:13

Natalia Friske, sister of the late singer Jeanne shared with fans a frightening discovery. She saw in a suburban cafe sculpture, which was similar to the one that stands as a monument in the cemetery.

“You go to a restaurant and there is a monument to Jeanne from the cemetery. Well. What do you think, is this normal? There are people, eat. They say, “We gave”. Just ohreneli, on the edge of insolent,” not keep emotions stunned Natalya Friske.

Natalia decided to see for myself and saw an incredible similarity. She spoke with the restaurant management and found that the sculpture was made by the sculptor, who died in the spring.

В ресторане "красуется" памятник с могилы Фриске, клиенты не сдерживают эмоций: "Прекрасно"

“And this sculpture is some kind of girl… it was abandoned, like she doesn’t like. But those who were in the cemetery at Joan, you all see the resemblance? Direct one to one, even the same size. So what do I do with them?” she asked.

Several hours later, the girl told the fans that at her request, the sculpture was removed.

“It is either the company that cast us monument, and from which we refused, gave them… But the fact that they gave them, the fact that they dress up, dress him and make him incomprehensible clown rite, it’s true in any gate not climbing,” complained Natalia.

Recall that Friske came before the wedding Shepelev on the other.

As reported Know. ua, do not hesitate imposter “impersonating” for Jeanne Friske directly near her grave.

Also Know As. ua wrote that the father of Zhanna Friske was drawn into the conflict late Thursday.

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