In the river near the supermarket I found the dead guy. Video

В Днепре возле супермаркета обнаружили мертвого парня. Видео

Doctors tried to assist himon 23 March, around 22:00, on swallow street, near the supermarket “ATB” on Gagarin Avenue, patrol found two men. One of them shouted loudly, writes the with reference to the Informant

The patrol began to feel the pulse of the second. He was dead. To him for about 25 years.

Companion dead panic. He didn’t understand what was going on and why the ambulance came. The doctors tried to help him, but he cried even more and pushed them. Later admitted that they drank a tincture of hawthorn. The man decided to be hospitalized.

It should be noted that around the scene a lot of empty bottles from under the tincture. In place it is expected the investigative team and forensic experts.


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