In the river there was a fire in high-rises: residents were evacuated. Video

В Днепре произошел пожар в многоэтажке: жильцов эвакуировали. Видео

Victims of fire notSeptember 13, at about 21:20 in the house on the Savkin, 8, fire. All inhabitants of an entrance evacuated, writes the with reference to the Informant.

As a result of a fire nobody has suffered. As has told the senior warrant officer 4 parts SSES Vladislav Shashkov, the fire originated in two places: in the vestibule between the apartments on the ground floor and next to the ventilation shaft. Mysteriously caught fire, garbage, building materials, old stuff. Because of this, the smoke is very quickly go up the floors. To localize the fire managed for 20 minutes.

Before the arrival of rescuers, the people began to leave the building on their own, but additionally arriving firefighters inspected the apartment and brought the remaining residents to the air. Eyewitnesses say that some residents of the first floor due to stress started to jump out of balconies. Rescuers focused on the fact that if a fire happened next door, they were not allowed to get close to it parked in the yard, the cars.

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