In the river there was a mass brawl. Video

В Днепре произошла массовая потасовка. Видео

In the course went smoke bombs and tear gas.7 Dec in the river on the street Starokozache, 58 near the building “ILL” began to gather a huge number of people. I worked at a place rescuers and police. Activity blocked the meeting, lawyers of the Dnepropetrovsk region with fights, smoke bombs and tear gas.

The incident began around 10:30. Throughout the building of light disappeared, and at the entrance to the CDC “Dnepropress” began to focus people. The activists included speakers and blocked the entrance to the building.

Before entering a skirmish began on both sides. Activity tried to break into the lawyer’s meeting, but the path to them was blocked by people in uniform and masks.

On the scene there were people’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuri Birch, who also tried to get into the building, but he was not allowed. Under shouts “shame” activists looking for an option to get into the building. The front entrance was sprayed with tear gas.

In a few minutes from the 3rd floor of the building “ILL” went thick smoke. Rescuers and firefighters began to deploy fire hoses, but as it turned out, a group of activists who opposed the law of meeting, have penetrated to the 3rd floor of the building and threw smoke bombs.

After that, a group of young men through the other entrance I ran to the 3rd floor of the building, broke down the door to the corridor that led to courtroom lawyers. The cries and curses right in the lawyers threw a grenade with tear gas.

In the 3rd floor lobby fought the activists and thugs in uniform. After that, the floor barricaded with chairs and wardrobes. After a few minutes, strengthened the police forces and units TOR began to search the 4th floor of the building, as information was received about another breakout.

In the end, the meeting was able to thwart the activists began to disperse.

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