In the show “Divalign people” will take part the guy is simulating more than 100 sounds

Now Vyacheslav Mariko officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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В шоу "Дивовижні люди" примет участие парень, имитирующий более 100 звуков

Vyacheslav Mariko

Saturday, 20 April at 21:00 on air of TV channel “Ukraine” will be released the near-final release of the TV show “Divalign people.” It will determine the last participant of the League of superhumans who will fight for the victory in the final super show. One of the heroes of the ninth episode will be incredible “soldier of sound” that can play many different sounds, like the crunch of the snow or the noise of the aircraft.

26-year-old Vyacheslav Mariko mimics different sounds. The guy could make his striking ability, but it is not his main employment. Now Vyacheslav officer of the Armed forces of Ukraine. In addition, he works as criminal expert in a biological laboratory, where determines the DNA profiles of suspects and victims.

“One day I was walking down the street and his throat. I noticed that this cough is very similar to a saw, and I was wondering what kind of sounds I can simulate. To learn something new, decided to go to special courses,” – said a member of the super show “Divalign people.”

В шоу "Дивовижні люди" примет участие парень, имитирующий более 100 звуков

Alexander skichko and Vyacheslav Mariko

The ability Vyacheslav obvious, but his father does not take it seriously. Says it’s just self-indulgence, which itself, and not support a family. The guy says: if he manages to win UAH 100 000, will be spent in the creation theatre sound imitation.

“When I hear a new sound, I immediately think about what part of the vocal apparatus it can be found. You can simulate with the help of throat, lips, teeth or tongue. Then just try, and if the body were chosen correctly, then the sound will work out,” shares the secret Vyacheslav.

In super show “Divalign people” party will need to name 10 movies to star experts only sound determined, as shown in the video. Will he manage to cope with a difficult task to surprise the experts and the audience?

We will remind, the girl with unique muscle memory took part in the show “Divalign people.”

Recall that the seventh finalist of the show “Divalign people” draws two portraits simultaneously with both hands.

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