In the skies over Morocco recorded dozens of “hovering” UFO (video)

В небе над Марокко зафиксированы десятки "зависших" НЛО (видео)

Residents of the Moroccan city of Meknes witnessed the unusual spectacle: they could observe with the naked eye strange lights in the night sky. About the unusual phenomenon, reports the Sherbrook times.

It turned out that tens of UFOs. These objects resembled the ships of aliens: they would occasionally disappear behind the clouds, but then reappeared. All objects published glow blue. The witnesses managed to capture the flight on video, which was posted on the web.

Many fans of the version of UFO, I remember the case in the US, where a local resident reported that his house in the night sky hovering UFO strange angular shape. After the alien ship a few minutes hung over the housing, it lost electricity and determining the trajectory of the man could not.

Also UFO with a blue glow was seen over a military base in the UK.

Many have asked what it really was.

Despite the fact that some users do not share versions of the flight of UFOs and am inclined to think that it was some natural phenomenon, ufologists believe in most in the alien origin of these “lights” and say that in the last few months, the aliens have stepped up their activity around our planet.

Recall that as previously reported “FACTS” in the sky Nevada was able to capture the “battle of two of the UFO”.

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