In the sky of Canada filmed a strange phenomenon

В небе Канады засняли странное явление

Ufologists believe that the traces of the UFO.

The resident was sent to the American UFO the MUFON website their photos, which he did a year and a half ago from the aircraft, reports the with reference to

21 April 2017 this man was flying over Quebec, Canada, and saw the window near in the clouds, perfectly smooth circle.

Passenger aircraft flying at a height of 9-12 km, that is, he had seen the property is situated at a very great height from the ground. It looks round recess like on the surface of the clouds landed something like a huge saucer.

The man himself couldn’t logically explain what he saw, and ufologist Scott Waring, who posted these photos on the website, writes that he sometimes heard about these mysterious objects in the sky. The Waring sure, that is certainly the traces of the UFO.

“It is the deepening of a half mile in diameter. Probably a UFO flying through a cloud and left a trail, ” writes Waring -” it Seems observed once workers O’hare airport in Chicago. In their eyes, the disk of the UFO rose up and passed through the cloud, leaving behind it a hole. This hole remained in the cloud for about 15 minutes”

В небе Канады засняли странное явление

В небе Канады засняли странное явление

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