In the sky over Seattle photographed unusual outbreaks

В небе над Сиэтлом засняли необычные вспышки

The city also heard a metallic rumble.

Media Seattle report that during the night of February 11 occurred in exactly the same situation as at the end of last year in new York: in the sky appeared a bright light, as in “transformer explosion”. Externally flash was like a flare of lightning, but lightning does not happen in the winter, the more “out of the blue” without storm and rain, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

It is also worth considering that the flash appeared in a few places, like transformers exploded at two power plants. People were surprised by the noise during the event: the sound was like the roar of transformers that was identical to those that arose in new York.

It is not known what would trigger the anomaly. Really, really, happened the accident? Some people remembered the words of a clairvoyant desert Tavares, who noted that in February or March will explode the volcano, located on the slopes. The volcano is visible from the big city that could be Seattle.

Most likely, we are talking about the volcano mount Rainier, which is located in 80 kilometers from the city. Before the eruption in a few weeks, of course, if the prophecy is correct.

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