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Dvuhfyuzelyazhny Stratolaunch Model 351 successfully conquered the California sky

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 08:28

В небо поднялся самый большой самолет в истории: фото

Stratolaunch Model 351 will be able to bring the first satellite in 2020

The record of the largest aircraft in the world ever to fly, was today beaten – model Stratolaunch Model 351 successfully made a demonstration flight. Aircraft from the company Stratolaunch Systems won the California sky, taking off from the airfield in the Mojave desert.

Stratolaunch Model 351 based on rare in aviation dvuhfyuzelyazhny scheme. The wingspan of the heavenly giant reaches 117 meters 28.6 meters more an-225 “Mriya” that held this record for 30 years. But it is worth noting that Stratolaunch inferior “Mriya” in fuselage length – 73 m versus 84 m.

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The rise in the air provide six Pratt & Whitney engines. The power of turbojet engines is that they are capable of transporting heavy loads of up to 590 tons, and the “Mriya” – only 250 tons.

Such power Stratolaunch Model 351 required for the fixing and withdrawing to the height of 11 thousand meters of space rockets to lower the cost of their launch. The aircraft is an important link in the chain of aerospace air-launched Stratolaunch. The developers hope that this celestial giant will be able to launch first satellite in 2020.

See also the story of how conducted the test launch of Stratolaunch Model 351:

Earlier, Airbus refused to produce the biggest airplane in the world due to the lack of orders. But Boeing has created a fighter for future wars.

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В небо поднялся самый большой самолет в истории: фото

В небо поднялся самый большой самолет в истории: фото

В небо поднялся самый большой самолет в истории: фото


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