In the slums of Bombay, the “helmet smart” against the coronavirus

Dans les bidonvilles de Bombay, des « casques intelligents » contre le coronavirus

Bombay | authorities in Mumbai, indian city most affected by the pandemic coronavirus, have announced “helmets smart” to combat the outbreak of cases in the densely populated slum areas of the financial capital of the country.

These headphones –which are already used in Dubai, China and Italy– are used to measure the temperature of dozens of people per minute, a record time. They could become the key to stop the COVID-19 in this sprawling city of 18 million inhabitants.

“The traditional methods of screening are time-consuming. You go into a slum of 20,000 people and it takes you three hours to screen 300 people “, explained to AFP Neelu Jain, a volunteer of the NGO Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana.

“But when you use these headphones, all you have to do is to ask people to leave their homes, put you in front of them and you can track 6,000 people in two hours and a half “, she continued.

“Four helmets” smart ” – with an estimated value of 600 000 rupees (nearly 11 000 canadian dollars) – were offered to the authorities of Bombay and the nearby city of Pune, both restricted to the fight against the pandemic.

India became on Friday the third nation to cross the one million mark of detected cases of COVID-19, after the United States and Brazil. But many experts believe this figure is much lower than the reality, because the rate of screening remains low.

More than 28 000 patients have died. The State of Maharashtra (west), where is Mumbai and its slums, is the most affected, in front of New Delhi and the Tamil Nadu (south).

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