In the U.S. Senate supported the conclusions of the intelligence agencies about Russian intervention in elections

В Сенате США поддержали выводы спецслужб о вмешательстве РФ в выборы

U.S. senators Richard Burr and mark Warner issued a joint statement in which they said that the US Senate Committee on intelligence formally agreed with the conclusions of the intelligence services, who are convinced that Russia interfered in the elections of the President of the United States to help Donald Trump. A statement published on the official website of Berra.

“There is no doubt that Russia has made an unprecedented effort to interfere in our elections in 2016,” —said the head of the Committee, Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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“One of the main tasks in the investigation of the Committee was to assess the work of the intelligence community of the United States, immediately after the elections pointed to Russia”, — he added.

According to the Senator, members of the Committee spent 14 months reviewing the sources, methods, and analytical work, therefore, fully agree with the conclusions.

“After careful examination, our staff decided that the conclusions of the intelligence community were detailed and accurate. Russia’s efforts were wide-ranging, technically challenging and adopted by the order of President Putin in support of Donald trump and obstruction of Hillary Clinton”, — said the Vice-Chairman of the Committee, democratic Senator mark Warner.

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According to lawmakers, the understanding of these methods will protect democracy against future threats.

on the investigation of the interference of the Russian Federation in the presidential elections in 2016. The document concludes that the order of interference given by Russian President Vladimir Putin

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