In the UK, influencers' earnings vary depending on their skin color, hair and age

In the UK, influencers' earnings vary depending on their skin color, hair and age

Un jeune influenceur noir gagnera moins d'argent sur Instagram qu'un influenceur blanc, selon l'étude de SevenSix. Delmaine Donson/Getty Images

Les créateurs de contenus à la peau foncée gagnent près de 45% de moins que ceux à la peau claire.

A study carried out in the United Kingdom by a talent management agency reveals salary disparities between influencers based on their ethnic origin, the color of their skin, the texture of their hair and their age.

"We needed data to back up what we've always said, that lighter-skinned or racially ambiguous creators would get more work than those with dark skin , Charlotte Stavrou, founder of the SevenSix agency, told Business Insider. On social networks, influencers had already warned of a price gap between black and white creators. A pay disparity confirmed by the "2024 Influencer Pricing Report* study conducted among 300 influencers of color in the United Kingdom, from March to May 2024. According to the results , black creators were paid 34% less than white creators in 2024, compared to 22% in 2022. This gap is roughly similar to that observed in the United States (35%) in 2021 in a report by The Influencer League and MSL Group.

This income difference is also observed for other communities. According to the study, Southeast Asian influencers earn 57.22% less than white influencers, East Asian influencers earn 38.4% less than white influencers. less and those from South Asia 30.7%.

Even to the ends of the hair

Beyond their origins, the physique of influencers also plays a role in the financial balance, underlines the report. Influencers with "dark skin" will earn 44.63% less than influencers with " light skin". "This new information explains why, even if two creators are of the same ethnicity, one of them may be more in demand or better paid than the other. ;#39;other", specifies Business Insider.

Hair texture also influences influencer compensation. People with curly hair reported incomes ranging from £800 to £1,023 compared to £1,713 to £2,191 for those with straighter hair.

"If you work in the hair care industry or have a particular hair type that is "difficult to work with”, which is usually the case with curly hair, you've been aware since long", said Charlotte Stavrou. "Until now, we only had anecdotal evidence of this phenomenon, and this study finally proves the impact that he has on income".

Differences depending on social networks and age

If origins and appearance play a role, age can also tip the scales depending on the platform. While 60% of creators over 40 feel discriminated against because of their age, it seems that their fears are partly founded. The study showed that young influencers aged 18-39 earned 144% more than those over 40 on TikTok. On Instagram, the dynamic is completely different. It is the older ones who are doing well, earning between 1,546 and 1,978 pounds sterling for those aged 40-59 compared to 1,245 to 1,592 pounds sterling for those aged 18-25.

*The 300 UK creators surveyed identified as Arab, Black, East Asian, Latinx, mixed white/black, mixed race/other, South Asian, Southeast Asian , Whites and others.

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