In the Ukrainian tradition: Marina Poroshenko examples of embroidery is an unusual color

Ethnic image of the first lady of Ukraine

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В украинских традициях: Марина Порошенко примерила вышиванку необычного цвета

The first lady of Ukraine Maryna Poroshenko

The world day shirts, which is celebrated on 16 may, the wife of the President and first lady Maryna Poroshenko did not miss the opportunity to try traditional Ukrainian clothes.

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Wife of Peter Poroshenko arrived at the opening of an art exhibition in national art Museum of Ukraine in embroidery unusual color with light blue shimmer. Linen blouse with sleeves were decorated with tassels and blue embroidery at the chest and shoulders.

В украинских традициях: Марина Порошенко примерила вышиванку необычного цвета

Maryna Poroshenko

For an embroidered shirt is the wife of the current President wearing a black MIDI skirt with a high waist. In General, the image of Maryna Poroshenko turned out, as always, understated and uncluttered. From decorations first lady made the choice in the direction of their love electronic watches Apple Watch, gold earrings and thin chain.

We will remind that today at the Postal square in Kiev was held a Grand show of embroidery – “ВышиванкаDAY”, who arranged this year’s news “Today” and TV channel “Ukraine”. Bright photos of the event you can view the link.

Also see the video, some embroidery popular among Ukrainians:

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