In the United Kingdom, risky alcohol consumption is on the rise with the pandemic

In the UK, risky drinking rises with pandemic mie


The number of Britons with alcohol consumption considered dangerous has risen sharply since the start of the pandemic, according to government figures published on Monday, raising fears of long-lasting habits.  

The government's Office for Improving Health and Inequalities has used data from pollster YouGov to determine how many people in England drink harmful wine, beer and spirits considered high risk . 

Based on a sample of 1,700 people, 18.1% of adults — representing nearly eight million people — were subject in October 2021 to such consumption during the three months previous. 

This concerned only 11.9% of the adult population – or approximately five million people – in October 2019, and 12.4% – six million people – in February 2020, just before the first confinements in Europe.&nbsp ;

This level of consumption is determined according to the quantities of alcohol ingested, but also the frequency, the feeling of guilt or the consequences on social activities.

This excessive consumption concerns more men than women, but the increase is in greater proportion among the latter (increasing from 1.6 to 2.3 million, compared to 4 to 5.5 million for men).&nbsp ;

According to Julia Sinclair, chair of the addictions section of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, alcohol consumption rose sharply during the pandemic because “we were limited in what else we could do” , but also because “some people who never drank, except when they went to the pub, took up drinking at home” due to their closure. 

The problem? It has now “become a habit”, and “certain habits are becoming encrusted”, she warned, very pessimistic about a return to pre-pandemic levels. “So far, the data suggests that people who started drinking at home are continuing and drinking on top of that” in bars.

This is compounded by the fact that, unlike in the pub, drinking at home “can go on for hours,” the researcher added.

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