In the United States, a lawyer anti-feminist who is suspected of a second murder

Aux États-Unis, un avocat anti-féministe soupçonné d'un deuxième meurtre

The lawyer’s anti-feminist who is suspected of having killed the son of a judge Sunday in New Jersey, before killing himself, is also involved in the murder of a lawyer contestant on the 11th of July near Los Angeles, said Wednesday the american federal police.

“We are working with the office of the sheriff of San Bernardino and we have evidence linking the murder of Marc Angelucci Roy Den Hollander,” it said in a tweet the FBI office in Newark, New Jersey.

Roy Den Hollander, who was found dead at his home in the State of New York on Monday, is suspected of being the man who presented Sunday at the home of the federal judge Esther Salas, killing 20 year old son, who opened the door, and seriously injuring her husband. The judge she has not been injured.

It is now believed to have also shot and killed in front of his home, in California, Marc Angelucci, who defended him as “the rights of men” in the face of feminist women are deemed more threatening.

According to CNN, Roy Den Hollander wanted a lot to her colleague to have taken up a case that he considered “his” fight.

The two lawyers had been members of the same organization, the “National Coalition for Men” before Mr. Den Hollander is excluded, and that Mr. Angelucci to become a vice-president, said the organization’s president cited by the string.

This “coalition”, which presents itself as fighting against discrimination, against men, is part of the groups tracked by the Southern Poverty Law Center, specializing in the study of extremist groups in the United States.

After the murder of the son of the judge, the organization’s president, Harry Crouch said he was “flabbergasted to hear that this mindless act has been committed by a defender’s self-proclaimed rights of men” and condemned “any person using violence to intimidate or cause harm to people.”

The FBI has not advanced officially no motive for the attack at the home of judge Salas. But Mr Den Hollander, 72 years old, had criticized the magistrate for the way she had handled a complaint he had filed in 2015, in the folder that had been taken over by Roy Den Hollander, according to some media.

It was, however, dropped this record last summer after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, according to the New York Times.

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