In the United States and Canada, the deer caught the disease the zombies

                                В США и Канаде олени подцепили болезнь зомби

While cases of infection of people and Pets is not recorded, but scientists do not exclude such a possibility.

In 24 U.S. States and two canadian provinces deer and elk have been diagnosed with a chronic disease wasting (CWD) is a neurological disease also known as “the zombie disease”. This was reported on the website of the American Center for control and prevention of diseases.

Its informal name of the disease was due to effects on the brain of the animals: they become aggressive and inappropriate, while they disturbed coordination of movements, dramatically reducing the weight.

The nature of the disease is still unclear. The most common theory is that it does not cause viruses, bacteria or parasites, and prions — proteins with abnormal structure, which tend to accumulate in the brain. Another theory claims that the causative agent of this disease is a bacterium spiroplasma.

Express info by country

United States of America (USA) – a country in North America.

                                В США и Канаде олени подцепили болезнь зомби


                                В США и Канаде олени подцепили болезнь зомби

Coat of arms

                                В США и Канаде олени подцепили болезнь зомби

Capital – Washington

Largest cities: new York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Philadelphia, Boston, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas

Form of government : Presidential Republic

Territory – 9 519 431 km2 (4th in world)

Population – 321,26 million people (3rd in the world)

Official language – American English

Religion – Protestantism, Catholicism

HDI – 0,915 (8th in the world)

GDP – $17,419 trillion (1st in the world)

Currency – US dollar

Border: Canada, Mexico

As reported by “Around the world. Ukraine”, the residents of Florida received the alert about the uprising of zombies.

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