In the United States approved a new bill to deter Russian

В США одобрили новый законопроект для сдерживания РФ

Russia uses natural gas to coercion, pressure and influence other countries.

The house of representatives of the U.S. Congress on March 25 approved a bill, H. R. 1616, designed to keep Russian energy supplies to Europe and contribute to the us.

Short title of the bill – “About the European energy security and diversification.” The first purpose of the bill, formulated by its author, Republican Adam Kinzinger is to help “reduce the dependence of European countries on energy supplies from countries such as the Russian Federation, using the energy dependence (other countries – Ed.) for improper political influence.”

Russia is using natural gas “to coerce, pressure and influence on other countries,” the document says. “European countries” the bill defines not only the EU but also Eastern European States such as Moldova and Ukraine.

In Washington with the help of the bill also want to encourage the flow of American investments in the energy infrastructure of Europe and to increase the export of energy resources and technologies from the United States.

For this purpose, according to the budget office of the Congress, the US state Department can spend by 2029 about a billion dollars. It is proposed to create a “Fund of countering Russian influence.” In the text of the legislative initiative provided a variety of opportunities for the implementation of funds: support the development of transmission infrastructure to investment in renewable energy.

The bill must be approved by the Senate and signed by the President of the United States Donald trump before it will take effect.


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