In the United States completed its investigation of the Russian intervention in elections

В США завершили расследование российского вмешательства в выборы

Mueller finished an investigation.Special U.S. attorney Robert Mueller finished an investigation on the alleged intervention of the Russian Federation in the U.S. presidential election in 2016, reports the with reference on the Country.

It is reported that Mueller gave a report to the US attorney General William Barr. The publication writes that Barr may see, and report to Congress on the results of the investigation “at the weekend”.

Barr also noted that the Ministry of justice plans to publish the results of the investigation. However, he stressed that will determine what other information from the report can be transmitted to the Congress and to the public in accordance with the law.”

Investigation of Mueller began in may of 2017 and was inspired by forces lost the elections Democratic party of the United States.

Team Muller was charged 34 people – six of them were part of the entourage trump. We are talking about the former trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, former head of the electoral headquarters of Field Manafort and ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn.

However, none of them ultimately are unable to officially accused of collusion with Russia. In court, proven guilty of only one person involved – Manafort, and that for economic crimes and perjury.

In the end, the report Mueller even suggested to classify – apparently, there wasn’t anything so loud was discussed at the past two years, “Cremlingen”.


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