In the United States court deprived the animals of the copyright on a selfie

Суд в США лишил животных авторских прав на селфи

In the United States court decided that copyright can’t belong to an animal. Reported by the Associated Press.

A dispute broke out over famous selfie monkey.

Eight years ago, photographer and naturalist David Slater in the Indonesian jungle crested shot of baboons. Left photographer camera captured the monkeys and took some pictures.

Posted online photos used many Internet resources without the permission of the Slater that was the beginning of a debate about who owns the rights to the pictures — the photographer or by clicking on the button monkeys.

In 2015 a nonprofit organization “people for the ethical treatment of animals” (PETA) filed a lawsuit against Slater, whose camera baboon named Naruto made world-famous selfie.

The outcome of the proceedings, the court stated that it would no longer consider the claims of copyright animal on photos or other original work.

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