In the United States found the body of a famous actor and his dogs: details

Died American actor Charles Levin

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В США найдено тело известного актера и его собаки: подробности

Died famous actor Charles Levin

Famous Hollywood actorCharles Levin disappeared last week along with her dog. Having discovered this, son of the star contacted the police, the result of which was organized to find an actor. And now it became known that, according to preliminary data, the body of Charles Levin was found in Oregon, USA, on a lonely highway. It is reported by CNN.

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The body of Levin pug named Bear Boo was found in the vehicle, and the remains of the actor (presumably) was found near the car of a local resident. Law enforcement agencies suggest that the actor was driving the car, but have parked the vehicle because of the lack of the ability to pass along the selected road.

“Given the circumstances, there is a high probability that the remains belong to Charles Levin,” – says the police.

Anyway, at the moment, is examination. Note that, then, why Charles Levin and his dog is dead – not yet reported.

Hollywood actor Charles Levin died at the age of 70 years. He is known for roles in such films as: “Seinfeld”, “Manhattan”, “No rules”, “the couch trip” and many others.

Earlier we wrote that he died the star of the movie “Men in black”.

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