In the United States horse filed a lawsuit against a former mistress and requires 100 thousand dollars

В США лошадь подала в суд на бывшую хозяйку и требует 100 тыс. долларов

In the U.S. state of Oregon horse has officially filed a lawsuit against his former mistress. The claim came from eight-year-old horse named Justice (Justice, by the way, in translation from English means “justice”). The animal requires him to pay not less than one hundred thousand dollars compensation for “pain and suffering”.

It is reported that 51-year-old Gwendolyn Vercher left the horse outside in the bitter cold, which led to serious frostbite of his body and skin infections. In March 2017 patient horse was taken from mistress — after her neighbor received a call about animal cruelty.

The justice has a team of lawyers hired legal defense Fund for animals.

Justice became the first horse in the history of the country, has filed a lawsuit against the owner. In 2014 the Supreme court of Oregon ruled that animals can be considered crime victims and protect their rights in court.

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