In the United States increased attack patients with aggressive raccoons

В США участились нападения агрессивных больных енотов

Disseminated disease is already being called the zombie virus.

Animals new York (both wild and Pets) in danger, as the city is spreading the distemper virus, which among people better known as the zombie virus, the Chronicle with reference to the news of the world.

According to the latest data, only in one Central Park the Big Apple killed 85 raccoons. Every day this number increases.

In General, raccoons are a peace – loving animals, people often feed them even with the hands. Recently, however, experts urge not to approach close to wild animals with Pets, so that the latter is not caught the distemper.

He zombie virus for humans is not dangerous, but dogs often walking in the Park, can easily catch. Moreover, dogs are very often carry the feces of raccoons, which contain parasites. About 70% of all raccoons are infected with roundworms.

Also lately people are saying about the attacks of raccoons. Supposedly these animals become aggressive, while the test for rabies was negative. At the moment the workers of the Central Park look into the situation.

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