In the United States will create the most powerful supercomputer

В США создадут самый мощный суперкомпьютер

Aurora will be applied in such fields as energy, science, defense.

U.S. authorities in cooperation with Intel plan to begin creating the newest supercomputer, which is expected to be the most powerful in the United States, and perhaps in the world.

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According to him, work on the project will be Intel, its subcontractor company Cray and the U.S. Department of energy. The development of the computer, which will be called Aurora, will be conducted at the Argonne national laboratory in Chicago (Illinois), is a research center of the Ministry of energy. The creation of a “machine” is scheduled for completion in 2021.

As stated in the Ministry of energy, Aurora will become the first supercomputer in the United States, the performance of which will constitute one exaflops. This means that he will be able to commit no less than 1 trillion (1 000 000 000 000 000 000) operations per second. According to Rick Stevens, assistant Director of the Argonne laboratory, it is possible that by the time of completion of the work, Aurora will become the most powerful computer is not only in USA but in the world, but it will depend on the rate of creation of similar exaflops computing supercar in other countries, noted Business Insider.

As expected, the Aurora will be applied, in particular, in such areas as energy, science, defense. Authorities say that the new supercomputer will be used to conduct various studies, which involved academic institutions and national laboratories in the USA. It could be including to research in the field of space, the creation of drugs, nuclear development. As noted in Intel, Aurora will work five times faster than the most powerful supercomputer – Summit produced by the American IBM.

In August 2018, the Chinese newspaper China Daily reported that a group of China specialists in the field of programming and computing machinery, has launched a prototype exploring Sunway TaihuLight computer that can perform over 1 trillion calculations per second. On a project simultaneously work with several scientific organizations of China: national research center of parallel computer engineering and technology, national center for supercomputers in Jinan and the national experimental laboratory of marine Sciences and technologies. In parallel, China is developing another exaflops computer – Tianhe-3, a prototype of which already exists.


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