In the Universe have found a star with strange behavior

Scientists still no answer to the principle of the emergence of the phenomenon of the binary system AG Draconis

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Во Вселенной обнаружили звезду со странным поведением

The period of activity of the system AG Draconis is very unusual

16 thousand light years from earth (4905,6 parsec) is a double star AG Draconis, consisting of a red giant and a tiny white dwarf. Because of the tremendous distance this star system is quite difficult to discern. The latest data on AG Draconis made scientists more detailed approach to the study of these celestial bodies. All because of the very strange behavior of the star system, which has not been previously found in the Universe, reports LiveScience.

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A pair of stars interact in the following way: the substance with the surface of a large cold star goes to the hot surface and smaller. At the same time in 9-15 years, starting in 1890-ies, they become active: through a period of several years, when once a year be much brighter in certain ranges, detected by earthly telescopes. Now they are in an active period of flare emanating from them was registered in the spring of 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Scientists expected that another outbreak will happen in April or may of this year (still, however, too early to expect research on this topic).

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Experts noted that the period of activity of AG Draconis is somewhat unusual. Last active periods of a given system is typically characterized by a simple pattern: the first few outbreaks were “cold” — the temperature of the white dwarf was falling during each of these events, and the next flash was “hot”. Cold flashes were much brighter than hot.

In the new cycle that started 7 years later after a small outbreak in 2008, taking place exclusively hot flashes. “This behavior is very unusual in the 130-year history of observations of the object,” say the researchers.

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Scientists still no answer to the principle of this phenomenon. There is a hypothesis according to which the gravity of the white dwarf captures matter from a giant star, formed by “accretion disk”, consisting of substances that surrounds the white dwarf and in the future will fall on its surface. Thus the disc is unstable as a giant star “delivers” something less than that, more substance. Sometimes on the surface of a white dwarf gets too much of the substance that eventually leads to the release of substances in the system and forming short-term hot shell around this star. From Earth all of this could theoretically be observed as an outbreak in several ranges.

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