In the US, a powerful wind knocked over by a truck. Video

В США мощный ветер опрокинул грузовик. Видео

A big car was driving on a flat segment of the road when his trailer began to tip over to the side, taking away and the cabin.

In Amarillo, Texas, USA, on video came the moment when the wind blows away from the road by a truck. The video appeared on the YouTube channel Viral Hog, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

The footage shows how a truck rides on a smooth segment of the route, and then the weight starts to blow in the wind. The car overturned on one side, fly on the sidelines.

The incident was filmed by an eyewitness. Behind the scenes heard it, he repeats the phrase “Oh my God”. It is reported that the breakthroughs of the wind in the city reach 120 kilometers per hour.


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