In the US veterinarians revived a frozen cat

                                В США ветеринары оживили замерзшую кошку

The animal was a victim of the polar vortex.

In the US, the veterinarians were able to revive the frozen cat, is almost completely covered with ice. Cat owners found her in the snow. Signs of life she did not submit, but nonetheless, they took her to the vet.

                                В США ветеринары оживили замерзшую кошку

“She was frozen… her body Temperature dropped so low that it could not hold our thermometer, designed for a minimum of 32 degrees,” — noted in the clinic. It is known that the normal body temperature of a cat is 38 degrees.

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United States of America (USA) – a country in North America.

                                В США ветеринары оживили замерзшую кошку


                                В США ветеринары оживили замерзшую кошку

Coat of arms

                                В США ветеринары оживили замерзшую кошку

Capital – Washington

Largest cities: new York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Philadelphia, Boston, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas

Form of government : Presidential Republic

Territory – 9 519 431 km2 (4th in world)

Population – 321,26 million people (3rd in the world)

Official language – American English

Religion – Protestantism, Catholicism

HDI – 0,915 (8th in the world)

GDP – $17,419 trillion (1st in the world)

Currency – US dollar

Border: Canada, Mexico

However, despite the frostbite, the vets heard a heart beat. The animal was warmed with hot towels, heating pads, and warm water. An hour later, the cat came around and even began to show signs of irritation.

After a full examination and a small the prevention of infections, the cat returned to owners. Currently, the pet feels great.

As reported by “Around the world. Ukraine”, in the United States was colder than the North pole.

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