In the Zaporozhye region will be an area of Japanese culture. Video

В Запорожской области появится уголок японской культуры. Видео

The facility will be available to all local residents and tourists.

In Melitopol this year will be the area of Japanese culture. Located in the heart of the rising sun will be in your favorite place of citizens, according to the with reference to

Today visitors to the Park. Gorky curiously stare at the bridge of desires and the arch above it. In fact, they were the beginning ideas of local sculptor Oleg Kutsevalova on a Glade of fairy tales Japanese area.

“Here we will plant Sakura and other Japanese plants. And next will be the spring of Shishi-Odoshi. Literally translated, it sounds like “deer repellent”. The device used in Japanese gardens as an adaptation for repelling birds and animal pests,” – says Oleg Kutsevalov and shows the principle of its action.

In the hollow of a bamboo rocker arm through the top of the tube will get wet. When filling the rocker the weight of the water causes it to tip over and the water pours out, and the rocker makes a sharp sound hitting the hard surface from below.

Emptied the rocker arm returns to its original position, again filled with water. The produced sound should frighten animal pests that can consume garden plants. Rhythmic sound of the silence of the garden reminds visitors of the garden on time.

In addition, on the bridge near the Japanese garden will have a decorative railing, and next to be installed installation – “Family happiness”, depicting a couple with a newborn.

Heart painted with a fluorescent paint, so at night it will glow, and located next to a bed of pine plantations. Last year around flower beds made the bench, and this year to install the lights.


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