In this hotel come for fun with alpacas

В этот отель приезжают ради знакомства с альпакой

She is a local star.

This cute Alpaca named Panchita only 7 months, but she has become a celebrity, which comes to see a lot of people, reports the with reference to Panchita is a pet, but almost every day she walks with his mistress in the hotel “The JW Marriott El Convento” (Cusco, Peru), where guests can not only talk to her and pet, but also to learn a lot of new and interesting things about these animals.

However, to see Panchito and ask the owner of the Alpaca all the questions, not necessarily to go to the hotel, you only need to wait for Valentine’s Day. Exactly on Valentine’s Day, the owners organise a video link between cute animals and 20 lucky players who win a special lottery. It is believed that communication with Panchitas, even video, can be a good gift for a romantic occasion.

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