In Toronto, the French is too much

À Toronto, le français est de trop

We learned this week that the Toronto District School Board, in its planning for the return to school in September, and in the context covidien, which is ours, was planning to liquidate a good portion of its courses in French, including the course of immersion.

This proposal, of course, has provoked strong reactions, and the TDSB is now looking to calm the game by saying that it will, nevertheless, maintained a part of these courses, while admitting that there will probably be cuts.

Take this situation with a bit of height, because it is very telling of the relationship that Canada has with the French.

Bilingualism ?

What is striking, here, is that Canada has beautiful officially have two official languages, it accommodates less and less of the concessions made to the French language for half a century, because he was so afraid of nationalism in quebec.

But the bottom of it-the same way Canada sees itself as a bilingual country of English language. Then as soon as the opportunity presents itself, it tends to sacrifice the French, as if it were still spending too much, of this little caprice unnecessary that can be cut without losing anything essential.

This reminds us of one thing : in Canada, French is decreasing. Francophones in a minority situation lead to a fight which is admirable, but are doomed to extinction, demographic, and cultural.

After everything is done for the angliciser, Canada now offers an artificial respirator and presents himself as their savior.

From this point of view, Canada has transformed the hypocrisy, collective method of government.


Let’s be clear : this is only in Quebec that the French language is a real support. The government of Quebec should certainly support the francophone provinces, English.

But Quebecers should remember that if they did not say clearly their identity, they will face the same fate.

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