In trouble, Donald Trump calls for the “silent majority” 100 days of the presidential

En difficulté, Donald Trump invoque la «majorité silencieuse» à 100 jours de la présidentielle

Washington | Tangled up in its management criticized the pandemic, Donald Trump has invoked on Sunday a “silent majority” to show his confidence to one hundred days of the presidential election of 3 November, despite new polls that give distanced by Joe Biden in several of the States key.

“The campaign Trump has more enthusiasm, in the opinion of several observers, than any other campaign in the history of our great country, even more than in 2016,” assured on Twitter the billionaire republican to re-create the momentum which had led to his surprise victory four years ago.

“Biden has none! The silent majority will speak on 3 November “, the president added, aged 74 years, promising to give the lie to the opinion polls, which they attribute to him unanimously in a significant delay, at the national level — eight points, average — as in several of the States that make and unmake the destinies presidential.

Sunday, new research published by tv channels NBC and CNN give the democratic candidate Joe Biden in the lead in three States, won by Donald Trump in 2016: Arizona, Florida and Michigan.

The president-candidate had attempted, in a lull of the novel coronavirus to the end of the spring, turning the page of the health crisis and to reconnect with the public meetings to galvanize his base.

It has so long minimized the resurgence of the pandemic, while the number of new infections day-to-day exploded, especially in the south and west of the United States, the country most grief-stricken in the world with 146.500 dead.

Flip-flopping these past few days: the serious tone, Donald Trump has recognized that the situation would ” get worse before it gets better “.

“Frustrated by the divisions”

He finished by advocating clearly wearing a mask — what he had hitherto refused, contrary to Joe Biden, who for months does not appear in public with this protection.

And he has cancelled the great republican convention open to the public to start the final stretch of his campaign, scheduled for late August in Florida, one of the States most affected by the current outbreak.

His democratic opponent had posted in June that his own grand-messe, from 17 to 20 August in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, would be essentially virtual.

But while wanting to now “lead by example” in the fight against the COVID-19, the White House attempts to put into perspective its economic impact.

“I do not deny that some of those States,” where the virus has resumed and ” moderate recovery “, said on Sunday the economic advisor of the presidency, Larry Kudlow, on CNN.

“But all in all, the picture is very positive “, he added, predicting a reboot in the marching band of the u.s. economy in the third and fourth quarters.

The management has sown the disorder until some members of the presidential party.

The republican governor of Maryland Larry Hogan abstained Sunday to support Donald Trump.

“A lot of people like me are frustrated by the divisions and dysfunctions of the two sides, and don’t have the sense that we have a great choice “, he lamented on CNN.

Face it, Joe Biden, 77-year-old, known for his many gaffes, moves only cautiously because of the epidemic. And, although it has recently declined several aspects of its program, remains more discreet than the tempestuous president, who is accused in return of ” not to be keen of mind “, do not get out of his “basement” and be a “puppet” of the ” radical left “.

After you have collected all of the democrats behind his candidacy, the former vice-president of Barack Obama must now unveil the beginning of August the name of the woman who will be by his side, precisely to the position of vice-president.

One of the possible candidates, the elected black of California Karen Bass, has defended, also on CNN, the ability of the democratic party to attract the electorate to african-american in the wake of the wave of anger history caused by the death of George Floyd, suffocating under the knee of a white policeman in may.

“I have confidence in this that would make Joe Biden” in terms of reforms of the police and the criminal justice system, she said, while Donald Trump stands on a posture in defense of ” law and order “.

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