In two regions of Ukraine revealed cancer potato

В двух областях Украины выявлен рак картофеля

During the monitoring of agricultural and forest land, places of storage and processing of plants and plant products, the inspectors found cancer potato in two regions of Ukraine.

According to Rospotrebsoyuz, potato cancer — Synchytrium endobioticum (Schilbersky) Percival is recorded in three districts of Ivano-Frankivsk in the area of 4.45 hectares and the area of Chernivtsi region on the area of 7.59 ha.

After a set of monitoring results issued orders for the application of measures for the destruction of the identified organisms, as well as the procedure for moving regulated objects in the quarantine zones and beyond.

The symptoms are as follows: first, on diseased tubers near the eyes, appear whitish tubercles, which gradually darken and become brown warty growths whose size can exceed the size of the tuber. Form growths like blossoms of cauliflower. Smaller brown bumps are formed on the stolons, green in the leaf axils, sometimes on the leaves and on the inflorescences (flowers fused into a single lump).

Cancer never affects the roots of the potato Bush, so the disease cannot be detected until the time comes to dig up the tubers. By the fall of a large part of the infected potatoes rot in the ground, the rest deteriorate in the first months of storage, infecting the surrounding healthy tubers.

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